CSA B149.3 Field Approval by ENEFEN is an evaluation inspection of your combustion system appliance by an experienced Professional Engineer once your commissioning is complete. ENEFEN inspections are unique, and your best value, as our Chief Field Inspector has actually worked on combustion equipment and has a working knowledge of the safety codes. ENEFEN's experience cannot be beat, with more than 9000 inspections completed on fuel-fired appliances in the last eighteen years, and more than thirty years in a multitude of industries.

A key deliverable of our service is our Inspection Report, which ENEFEN originated in order to provide you with specifics necessitated by the Safety Code Act and CSA B149. It gives the assurance you require for meeting your regulatory obligations, as well as a safe working environment for your employees and community. As the owner of the equipment, it's available to you on our client portal when you need to have it for operators, upgrading, maintenance, and selling. And it includes the drawings used at time of the approval. It's one of the best resources for you on your appliance.

While ENEFEN will provide you with as much information as possible prior to the Field Approval inspection to help you achieve approval at time of inspection, we will also help you when non-conformance's exist. We don't just provide the code, we can help with determing the options available to you.

CSA B149 requires an "Appliance Approved" rating plate to be adhered to the appliance. ENEFEN's rating plate tells your operators exactly the parameters for running the appliance safely. Our rating plate is a one of a kind tool, originated by ENEFEN only for our clients.

Project Completion Timeline

If an inspection results in "Approval Pending" status, the client/owner has six (6) months to submit proof of corrections. Within that time it is expected the non-conformance items will be addressed. It is important that where non-conformances are identified, the proof of change be in a form of a photograph of the change or a requested document in order to determine compliance and show proof of compliance. If projects are not completed within 6 months, the project is archived, in other words, it is taken off our active project list and may require additional action/costs by the client/owner. However, the project is easily reopened when ready to do so. Keep in mind, the greater amount of time since the initial inspection the greater the likelihood the inspected equipment may have been altered and require a new inspection. Should major alterations take place, a new inspection will be required. As such, it is always recommended to complete projects as soon as possible. For a determination on your specific inspection project(s) please contact Susan Bremkamp, 780-655-2863 x17.