Why CSA B149 Field Approval


The legally accepted method by which non-certified and one of a kind equipment is verified and approved for operation. Field Approval is your assurance that your equipment is safe: for operation, for personnel, for the surrounding environment.

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A government body responsible for establishing and interpreting codes, standards and respective regulations relative to legislation. In Canada, AHJs may be at the municipal, provincial, or federal levels and there are often multiple AHJs within a Province. AHJs are specific to disciplines such as gas, electrical, plumbing, etc.


We encounter certified products every day. These simple and mass produced products (think work boots or an electric toothbrush) are tested and certified to ensure the user they are capable of safe operation, comply with established safety requirements and won’t cause damage under normal operation. However, not all products are mass produced or simple. Combustion systems which cover a wide range of applications and operating parameters are typically custom built and involve varying requirements from one project to the next. What safety assurance can be provided for these types of products? Enter Field Approval: the program of inspection and acceptance by a third party for all non-certified and limited use products. With ENEFEN, a Standards Council of Canada accredited Inspection Body, you will obtain the same assurance of safe operation and compliance with established safety requirements and codes for all of your combustion systems regardless of size or complexity.

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Field Approval serves as the evaluation mechanism of fuel fired non-certified equipment. Without Field Approval, your legal safety obligations are not being met. With Field Approval, your legal obligations and commitment to a safe working environment for personnel and community are assured.

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The B149 Codes outline handling and storage of natural gas and propane, safe and effective installation of related appliances and equipment as well as requirements for fuel-related components and accessories and their assembly on appliances and equipment utilizing gas. In addition, these Codes reference over 100 other publications. Compliance is mandatory when the Code is adopted by legislation.

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Know your responsibility


Ensure that all fuel fired equipment in use is verified safe (field approved) in terms of personnel, environment and process.  This is your legal obligation.

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Design and manufacture fuel fired equipment that is compliant with standards and codes

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Ensure what is installed includes correct components assembled in a safe manner and provides for safe operation

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You need an inspection body with experience

Combustion systems require special consideration in many facets, not just a check of approvable components. With over 30 years of combustion specific focus, we have developed a unique and comprehensive evaluation methodology that accounts for frequently observed systems as well as unique and one of a kind systems. Our approval of your combustion system assures your receive quality without compromise.

Correct design, correct components, correct installation, correct operation. ENEFEN provides assurance at every step.

Our Approach to Field Approval...

... is best described by a single word: Comprehensive. Our Professional and legal obligation demands this and so should you, here’s why: The Most Comprehensive B149 Field Approvals