ENEFEN Energy Efficiency Engineering Ltd. is federally accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as a Type C Inspection Body (IB) for field approvals of commercial and industrial gas-fired appliances and equipment.

We are proud to have received accreditation May 15th, 2013 as the first IB in Canada for gas-fired appliances. Our mission is to ensure that all of our clients are compliant and energy efficient, and that the health and safety of workers and the public is always the priority.

Alberta Recognizes First Gas-Fired IB

Quality system requirements such as quality control, personnel, inspection labels, data management and record retention are in accordance with ISO 17020 and other guidelines. For our clients this is a verification of the integrity, reliability and technical competence of our inspection services.

ENEFEN is currently the only Type C IB accredited for gas-fired appliance approvals. This means that we are the only company in Canada that can help you design your combustion equipment, inspect and approve it as part of the same project, and P.Eng. stamp all reports.

Please see our Scope of Accreditation below for details about what we are authorized to approve in Canada.

Subject Area of Accreditation / Portée d’accréditation:

The performing of inspection evaluations based on Canadian code requirements for safety and suitability of one-of a-kind and limited run commercial and industrial gas-fired appliances and equipment that may be designed for installation at a specific site or assembled on-site, the application of approval labels on the appliances and equipment, and the issuance of an inspection certificate or report in accordance with the relevant requirements identified in accordance with Accreditation Program Overview Annex E.

Réalisation d’inspections conformément aux exigences des codes canadiens relatives à la sécurité et à l’adéquation des appareils et des appareillages à gaz commerciaux et industriels uniques et fabriqués en quantités limitées qui sont censés être installés dans un emplacement spécifique ou assemblés sur place; apposition d’étiquettes d’approbation sur les appareils et appareillages; délivrance de certificats ou de rapports d’inspection conformément aux exigences pertinentes énoncées dans Aperçu des programmes d’accréditation Annexe E.

IBAP Scope of Accreditation (English)
IBAP Scope of Accreditation (French)