Training and Education

Not sure if your appliance designs will be B149 code compliant?  Need to learn more specific information for portions of the B149 code and how the interpretation affects your application? Does your equipment have to be fixed regularly? Having trouble bringing your equipment to the desired expectation?  

ENEFEN recognizes that knowing the B149 code is only a part of what you do, but it is all about what we do. We believe in success through team work and will work closely with you to share our knowledge and experience of why a system is designed a certain way, how to check it, troubleshoot, and maintain peak efficiency. We'll give you the knowledge and tools for a comfort level necessary to achieve success with your design and equipment.

ENEFEN will help you and your team by providing individual or group, half or full day classes, or on site training at shops or plants. Whether you're a design engineer, manufacturer, installer or on-site personnel, we have the knowledge and more than 30 years experience to educate and train on designing and operating safe, efficient, and reliable equipment. Let us know how we can help you best and we'll make it happen.

To learn the basics of B149 code compliance view the presentation to industry professionals by Jozef Jachniak, P.Eng, and Enefen President.

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Onsite training seminar for operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, efficiency of gas-fired appliances