Field Approval by ENEFEN provides an evaluation of your combustion system appliance by an experienced inspector at the working location. Inspection and data collection on site is just one aspect of our Field Approval service. Information gathered from the initial inspection such as photographs, drawings and other relevant documentation is then extensively reviewed and evaluated by our Engineering team to ensure compliance and safety. A key deliverable of this service is the Inspection Report which outlines the operating parameters of the appliance as well as any observed non-conformances with associate explanations and instructions for correction. Subject to the timely correction of any non-conformances identified and our subsequent review of those corrections, your combustion system appliance is issued a Rating Plate indicating it is Field Approved!


Unsure of the compliance status of an appliance in the field or being built? An ENEFEN Site Assessment service will provide you with a clear understanding of what your appliance requires in order to be compliant whether the appliance is in the field or the shop. *Add a Site Assessment to our Field Approval service for in construction appliances to avoid non conformances being shipped to site.


Not sure if your design is compliant? Be sure with a Documentation Assessment and let our team of engineers review what you have and provide guidance as needed to ensure code compliance.


Do you have specific combustion and/or compliance questions?  Arrange a training session or request a professional opinion on a design, interpretation, or configuration with our Professional Engineers representing nearly four decades of combustion engineering and compliance focus. You have questions, we have answers!


Approved appliance but at a new location? Location change of your approved appliance doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Contact us to know your options for appliance relocation and rental equipment.