Training and Education

Are you asking if your combustion equipment is safe? Is it properly registered and legal to operate? Does it have to be fixed regularly? Does it meet your expectations? Does it create problems? Is it properly documented?

A common problem with thermal energy and combustion systems is the lack of training provided to plant personnel during system installation and startup. Without the basic knowledge of why a system is designed a certain way, how to check it, troubleshoot it, and how to maintain it's peak efficiency, plant personnel cannot respond to nuisance shutdowns and maintain plant operation and efficiency.

ENEFEN believes in success through team work. We work closely with plant engineering and maintenance personnel to learn their process and in return we teach them how to operate new or existing equipment at its peak efficiency, maximum reliability, availability, and safety.

It is a common occurrence at industrial plants for the combustion equipment not to be maintained or tuned after the initial startup, leading not only to high operating costs but sometimes also to unsafe conditions.

The key ingredient required to avoid such situations is for the plant personnel to have sufficient knowledge and comfort level necessary to work with their equipment.

We can bring your management team up-to-speed on compliance issues, train personnel in operation and troubleshooting of combustion systems, or let you set the agenda. Results will include meeting regulations, increasing safety, operating at peak efficiency, optimizing reliability, faster response time and smoother operation.

We offer individual and group training and education through seminars, luncheons, online formats, shop floor demonstrations or one-on-one.